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           “The Fitness Academy” Martial Arts Programme, for both children and adults, incorporates the “Integrated Arts” syllabus which includes and combines the arts of the late great Bruce Lee (Jun Fan Martial Arts) with the Filipino martial Arts, Western Boxing, Kickboxing, traditional Muay Thai, and Grappling.



With our cross training and ‘JKD concepts’ approach to martial arts we aim and do produce well rounded and effective martial artists competent in all ranges of combat.

             The programme is open to both the complete beginner and to very experienced martial artists and offers a large number of classes in the above arts.  “All Levels” classes cater well for both the first time beginner and the experienced martial artist and these classes are divided into separate beginners and intermediate groups.

             Here at “The Fitness Academy” we encourage adult students to train in more than one art at a time, as this will make them a more complete martial artist.  All the arts taught at the academy complement each other.  In several of the classes the arts are taught in their pure form, but after a few months you will start to see the similarities between them and how they all blend and flow well together, helping you to adapt to any situation and turning you into a devastating and complete martial artist.

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             ‘The Fitness Academy’ takes a  realistic approach to the martial arts and personal development.  Our goal is to offer the highest quality martial arts training, by instructors that care about your development.  In our programme we instruct our students in the techniques, training methods, combative strategies and concepts of the world’s most effective martial arts. 

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            “All level” classes are suitable for complete beginners with no previous martial arts or fitness experience.  Everyone who trains at the Academy is encouraged and expected to behave as both a student and an instructor.  Everyone, whatever level, helps each other out.  The more experienced students and assistant instructors take it in turns to help new students along.  Only a friendly and unintimidating atmosphere is tolerated at “The Fitness Academy”.  We expect that once beginners become more experienced they will treat new beginners the way they were once treated and helped.

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 The Jun Fan Wing Chun & JKD Wooden Dummy Sets featuring the renowned exponents Laurence Sandum and Ralph Jones are available from The Fitness Academy. For further details click here.

            Jun Fan Martial Arts are a combination of both Jun Fan Wing Chun, which is Bruce Lee’s modified version of the Wing Chun System, and Jun Fan Kickboxing, which initially comprised hand techniques from western boxing along with kicking techniques drawn from the more traditional Japanese and Korean Martial Arts.

             The major elements of Jun Fan Martial Arts consist of: Wing Chun (Jun Fan Method), & Kickboxing (Jun Fan Method).

             Jun Fan Martial Arts can be looked upon as a system in that it has a beginning and an end and can be seen as a ‘whole’.  This is as opposed to Jeet Kune Do (JKD), which is an approach to Martial Arts governed by a set of concepts. 

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             In this range you are close enough to trap or immobilize your opponent’s arms.  The goal of this range is to crash through or go around any barrier your opponent may put up.

             The Trapping range can be brutally simple and purely combative or highly sophisticated, concentrating on the subtleties of sensitivity or working with your opponent’s energy to overcome and dominate the in-fighting range.


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             The literal translation of Jeet Kune Do (JKD) is ‘the way of the intercepting fist’ and was a term coined by Bruce Lee in the late sixties. It was then used as the name for his approach to martial arts up until his death in 1972.  JKD is now seen as an approach which aims to fulfill a number of key concepts (such as economy of motion, directness etc) by drawing from a number of martial arts styles. 

            This method assumes that, in order to be effective, each individual will have differing needs according to their size, weight, age etc.  This requires each student being presented with, in effect, a grand menu of techniques from which they can choose those which suit their personality and body type, this approach is encompassed within Bruce Lee’s saying, “Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is your own”.               

             The Fitness Academy has taken the JKD Concepts approach which is all about presenting you with the most effective martial arts in the world and then helping you to find your own way with these arts.  Crudely it can be considered as cross training leading eventually to each individual students own martial way.

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            Kali is one of many terms used to describe the Filipino Martial Arts. The method here at the Fitness Academy is the one that  is taught by Guro Dan Inosanto and combines both weaponry and empty hand techniques. 

            Kali is one of the most complete arts it is possible to study and encompasses all combative ranges, it therefore complements the study of JKD. 

            In the modern age the study of weaponry is used to enhance the body mechanics necessary to operate effectively as an empty hand martial artist.  This is achieved by the emphasis placed on the body torque needed to manipulate the various weapons used, these movements can then be translated into empty hand movements.   

             Kali is a complete martial arts system based on weaponry but with a superb and very effective empty hand module.  The empty hand aspect of the art complements very well the trapping and limb immobilisation from the Jun Fan wing chun portion of the Jun Fan Martial Arts classes.

             As stated, this highly sophisticated and comprehensive art from the Philippines is weapon – based, but is ultimately an empty hand system.  The Kali and Filipino martial arts programme at The Fitness Academy introduces students to several areas including: single stick, double stick, stick and dagger, single dagger, double dagger, panantukan (Filipino boxing), Sikaran (Filipino kicking methods) and Silat.

             The Filipino Martial Arts are a practical choice for the beginning student or the  experienced martial artist.

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            Developed in Thailand, the devastating art of Muay Thai – Thai Boxing is gaining popularity throughout the world.  Thai Boxing utilizes the practitioner’s natural weapons: knees, elbows, kicks and punches.  Care is taken to teach students proper body mechanics to eliminate injuries while training and gain maximum effectiveness.

            Thai Boxing students will not only enhance their martial art ability, fighting ability, self defense ability, and confidence, but will also gain greater physical appreciation of what can be accomplished through proper training in the art of Muay Thai – Thai Boxing.

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            Kickboxing originates from karate.  Karate practitioners wanted to progress from the  unrealistic testing ground of  points fighting so they tried their art at full contact in the ring.  However, the competitions were open to all arts and it soon became clear from full contact bouts that the karate upper body punching was very ineffective in medium and close range and the boxers were winning the majority of the fights.

            Hence, from full contact karate, kickboxing was developed, which is basically western boxing for the upper body and karate and Thai boxing kicks from the lower body.  Kickboxing’s fighting stance is from a western boxing stance unlike traditional Muay Thai which is more square on to the opponent.  Kickboxing competition consists of hand and leg techniques only. Kickboxing is the fastest growing and  one of the most popular martial arts in the world today.


Kali and the Jun Fan Martial Arts are generally more effective at quickly ending a street confrontation.  However, nothing on this earth beats the stress release of hitting and kicking pads and bags and it is incredibly exciting and fun.  Although the most complete fighter will emerge from someone who trains at all the classes at The Fitness Academy those who just train in Kickboxing will still find this an art that helps them greatly to defend themselves and installs confidence. 

 It is equally as popular for females as well as males and teaching methods have developed so those who don’t want to enter competition (which is the majority) can still attain excellent boxing and kickboxing skills and the ability to defend themselves using this art, in safety without any injuries