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              Updated 23 Jan 2015  




Martial Arts Prices

Please phone the Fitness Academy 01376 509064 for advice in selecting the programme and classes that best meet your needs. Better still, make a no obligation appointment to discuss options with one of our instructors.

But please phone the Fitness Academy  for advice on the package that best fits your requirements.

Special deals

Phone the Fitness Academy for special joining packages which can include such items as Licence Book, Uniforms, Club T-Shirt, WUMA Trousers, Gym Induction Programmes, etc.

M.A.S.D.A  Insurance and yearly .Membership Required



It is a requirement of the Martial Arts  Academy that all students are insured through M.A.S.D.A for their second lesson onwards.

The only additional costs are for the optional Martial arts seminars and gradings. (All successful candidates receive an official MASDA certificate and belt).

****Disclaimer: The Fitness Academy reserves the right to make any changes to the above prices without notice.