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The Fitness Academy has a number of well qualified martial arts and fitness instructors.  The academy also has a policy of encouraging experienced students  to become instructors  or assist the main instructor in various classes.  Below is list of the full-time instructors , Certified Instructors and Black Belt Instructors at the Fitness Academy.





Laurence Sandum
(Certified Instructor)

The senior instructor is Laurence Sandum who teaches the majority of the classes.  Laurence is 5th Dan WUMA (World United Martial Arts Federation) Black Belt with over 20 years continuous martial arts experience.  He is the appointed WUMA Chief Instructor for Essex and is regarded as one of the most experienced instructors in the country.

He has also been a promoter of some of the most prestigious Kick Boxing Shows in the country, and has featured on numerous instructional videos and d.v.d.'s.

Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Kali/Filipino Martial Arts, Jun Fan Martial Arts, Katana (Japanese Samurai Sword), Boxing, Grappling, Self defence, Fitness Training, Nutritional Advice.

David Farmer
(Certified Instructor)

Certified to teach and Black Belt in - Jun Fan Martial Arts,  (Jun Fan Wing Chun & Jun Fan Kickboxing), Kali/Filipino Martial Arts


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To obtain Martial Arts instructor status at the Fitness Academy the instructors must fulfil, as a minimum,  the following requirements:-

bullet Hold at least a Black Belt in the art taught
bullet Hold a current recognised H.S.E. First Aid  certificate
bullet Hold Public and Personal Liability Insurance
bullet Hold a UK M.A.S.D.A  Teachers Certificate. (This is only awarded if the individuals are continually developing themselves by attending seminars and courses each year

All of the above means that when a student receives instruction from a Fitness Academy Instructor it is  safe and second to none.